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Robin is a qualified massage practitioner who trained at the "Back 2 the Body" school in India under the tuition of Sanyasins (Osho disciples) Subuddha and Sangeeta, who, after twenty years of practice, had created their own massage, combining Ayurvedic & Thai massages techniques and Alexander Technique. 

This massage generates bodily balance and harmony by:

- Increasing vital energy flow from head to toe 

- Stimulating blood and lymph circulation

- Liberating and opening the body with stretches and directions

- Encouraging deeper and more natural breathing rhythms

- Giving a full-body hand and foot massage that releases tension, clear blocks and eliminates toxins.


The sesame seed oil that is used for the massage gas many skin-care benefits as well as being warming. 

Calamus powder is the ground root of a plant that helps relax muscles, stimulate the blood circulation, is antiseptic and exfoliant. 

The massage has an extremely beneficial effect on the body’s lymphatic system. 


Robin is a born carer. He was in the scouts for 10 years, took a diploma in children's play scheme and summer camp leadership and spent a few years doing seasonal work. Then Robin made the switch to what had been attracting him increasingly and for a long time : relieving people's physical pains through qualified, professional massage.

In 2020, Robin has completed a training in shiatsu.

In 2021, Robin has started a Chinese Medicine Massage Therapy course.

In 2021, Robin has completed an NLP training and is a practitioner.

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Laetitia is a certified coach and trainer in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), who undertook eight intensive training courses around the world from 2012 to 2016 with mentors Yosara GeerlingsSue Knight & Tristan Soames.

NLP is a communication toolbox to improve our perception of self and others. The key is in our language and how we use it, as well as the use we are making of our five senses and whole body. NLP helps you grow your potential, your inner resources, your overall performance, your ability to focus and, importantly, your self-confidence and self-worth.

NLP is about experiencing and enabling better communication with yourself and others, by overcoming mental blocks and fears, and creating space. NLP is a powerful tool to help you use your brain more efficiently and serenely.

After studying business, 10 years in large companies in various positions, a few years in restaurant management and a good burnout, Laetitia changed her life project.


And after 15 years in the Netherlands, Laetitia moved to the south of France to give a new dimension to her project: a magical place, a space to give and work with groups and collaborate with other disciplines.


In 2017, Laetitia trained in the Ayurvedic massage that Robin practices.


In 2020, Laetitia has completed a training in shiatsu.

In 2021, Laetitia has started a Chinese Medicine Massage Therapy course.

In 2021, Laetitia has completed her 9th NLP training.

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