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KIND WORDS from kind people

Claudia ~ retreat participant & yoga teacher ~ July, 2019

"If you are looking for a wonderful, special and really beautiful place with the best hosts you can ever meet, then spend time with Laetitia and Robin at Magic Hill. You can’t describe it, you have to experience it. Enjoy also a NLP session with Laetitia and a massage with Robin. It’s very rewarding. Thanks for this magical time dear Laetitia and Robin"

Monica ~ April, 2019

"Fantastic experience, both relaxing and giving you newfound positive energy to go back to your daily life with more confidence and perspective. Fabulous massage (merci Robin!!) and useful and endearing session with Laetitia. Would repeat it every weekend if I could. :)"

Alba ~ August, 2018

"Our experience in the house was amazing. The house is in a beautiful spot, the house is just perfect, awesome swimming pool ! And Laetitia and her partner are the warmest people." 

Deborah ~ August, 2018

This is a wonderful experience with amazing people. Laetitia and Robin make a great team and practice in a beautiful location. Highly recommended.

Csilla ~ August 2018

"Laetitia's place, call Magic Hill, is located in South France. We had a lovely holiday there with priceless relaxation in the house, enjoyed the pool and all the local attractions in the nearby areas. We recommend that place for a traveller, family, even a group who would like to join the amazing view, swim in the pool or wish to practise yoga in the garden and have a massage in choice. The Magical Hill is one of our top experience, surely plan to go back again. Thank you Laetitia and Robin."

J J ~ July 2018

"What a great afternoon we had!! We felt very welcome in their beautiful home. We were a bit too early but that was fine and we could use the pool, which was fantastic! The massage was of an excellent quality and truly sooo relaxing! Robin did a great job, his fingers are magic ! After the massage we had 10 min to relax and comprehend the massage. After that we talked with Laetitia in depth over what Robin found during the massage in our body; as our body is telling us a lot of what goes on in our mind! So this afternoon was for the body and soul; truly great and recommend !! We felt very welcome and relaxed; the atmosphere was open and inviting !"

Samantha ~ October 28, 2018

Laetitia and Robin are wonderful! They are both incredibly easy to speak to and are generous hosts! When I arrived, I instantly felt at ease. Their home is lovely and very welcoming (including their sweet kitty!) The massage was great and very relaxing. It was full body with some stretching included. Afterward I definitely felt both my mind and body were free! Thanks again guys! It was great! :D

"The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness."

~ Dalai Lama ~

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